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Acerca de

Waters of Chad


photo courtesy of Jonathan Lupton - Breaston


A discovery in the autumn

Eyes so closed it passed me by

Every once in a while

I find there’s beauty all around

this spot, so near it takes my breath away

Nothing more lovelier...break out a smile


So peaceful I dare not move

Just take in what’s before me

So soothing, a beautiful sight

Why has nobody told me

About this wonderful place?

A secret kept so quiet


Senses spark to hear birds sing with joy

Which direction to walk?

Beauty either way, and time, it is no more

Water reflecting the blue of the sky

and near to water’s edge

A flock come to explore


A moment as they approach

Aware there’s beauty there

Their voices, colour of  their wings

Moving to and fro, may not seem like much

But I feel like I’m where I ought to be

‘Cause these are beautiful beings


As we walk, the trees either side

Their leaves fall in the gentle breeze

How much more lovelier you can feel

That special aura surrounds you

Listen...water against the log 

lapping in tune with nature...should I kneel?


Tread on wet leaves and clay

Wrapped from winter’s chilled breeze

As the sun bursts through branches bare

The water’s alive with flock and colour

The more I see, the more I can be 

Immersed in its beauty, it’s why I care


This thing of beauty...Waters of Chad

First seen in nineteen eighty five

Let no man try to pull asunder

Lest we disturb its swans, its calm, our wonder

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