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JF Sheehan

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Book: ‘No Borders to Poetry’ 

Author: JF Sheehan.


There are many folk, young and not so young, who wish they could write or type their idea on to a page. They hesitate, think: ‘I can’t write this, it’ll look silly, especially when someone reads it.’ They leave their idea, and then it’s lost forever!


It needn’t be like this. If you have an idea, a poem, a little story, please get it written down before your wonderful idea is lost; particularly with poetry, it can be very simple to do. Write it as you speak it. Don’t worry about how it looks when written - you can tidy it up later. However you wish to express your thoughts - or it may be you want to rap a little something - write it down now!


There are no borders as to how you wish to write your words. Sure, poetry is written in many different forms, old and new, but your starting point only needs to be what you are thinking. These are your thoughts, and how you wish to express them in writing, you do it your way. There is always someone out there who will enjoy reading your verse, and you will give encouragement to many more to follow your example. 


I truly believe if you follow your first idea and type it, or write it down, your confidence will grow and you will get better the more you write. 

JF has been writing plays, poetry and prose since his early teens, starting with his love of writing essays. The film ˜Saturday Night and Sunday Morning” was a big influence on his early writing years.


His first play 'This Is Not The Way', read by Sugawn Theatre in Islington 1975, the anti-war play/short musical set in nineteenth century Ireland, deemed too topical - fraught times in N.I. at that time. However, will put the MP3 of title track up here soon. His play ˜Be True To Yourself” was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009, and the new one ˜He Can’t Move” will be included in a short play production with the Belper Theatre Group, Derby.


Children's book 'Chestnut Farm' - for 3-5 age group - published 2012 with cd and new song lyrics. Great feedback from local child-care groups. Will definitely write some more.


Joined Derbyshire Scriptwriters to improve scriptwriting skills, swap ideas, and to learn from the more experienced members of the group - have had great support from the DSW team.


Poem 'Waters of Chad' published in local Breaston magazine (Feb. '21)


His play 'Armada Ready' - a political satire taking place at number 10 Downing Street, involving PM and 4 ministers. Completed in 23/2/21, this play will be published fairly soon. May also put Armada Ready on the website perhaps serialise it over a number of weeks!


Now working on publishing his first book 'No Borders to Poetry' - the book includes poetry, short stories, and plays - and will be available on Amazon from January 26th, 2022. His writing in the main is contemporary, covering many subject matters: injustices, love, beauty, eco, laughter, memoir, striving to bring life into the heart of every subject.


He also edited and published the monthly dance magazine, DANCE 4U in London from 1996-2001.


He loves music - all genres, listening/playing. Taught music for ten years in London. Also, has a passion for dancing - all styles. Taught dance for twenty years, with choreographed dance scripts published. Sadly lower back problems forced early retirement in 2015. The upside being that cracking on with his writing helped restore some sanity…we think!


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