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'No Borders to Poetry'
available from JANUARY 26th 2022

And Finally...   21/12/21

It's up there, at last, and after much sweat and tears on handling new software programs…canva, kdp upload, book trim sizing, creating book cover, watching so many how-to videos…software not working as it should at times - or was that me not understanding it…probably! But never give up, and I'm ready for round two...


…over the next few months, I'll be hard at it again with book 2 'Memoir-eez Are Made of These' - another anthology -  appearing in October this year. Meantime the script 'Armada Ready' a comedy/satirical play, will be published in April. Children's book 'Chestnut Farm' (for the 3-5 age group), will also appear in the be sure you stay tuned to the website


Meantime, if you get a chance to read 'No Borders to Poetry' I'd be grateful if you can write a little review on the book…please, be constructive…and gentle...Thank you.

The item below was written back in August this year...however, things move on... 

I'm so SORRY...due to circumstances beyond my control, the book launch of No Borders to Poetry, and its availability, has had to be put back to January 26th. I sent my precious work out for editing and proofreading to established folk in these pulled out - not happy to work on Google Docs format. Another has failed to answer my last three emails! However, all is well again as I now have got the help of the good folk at Writer's Magazine (luckily no money's gone out initially) 

A collection of poems, short stories, and plays,

JF's first published book No Borders to Poetry 

reveals some of his most inner literary thoughts. If you like some of the excerpts below, the book will be available in eBook and paperback on Amazon from January 26th 2022.



local radio adverts, radio phone interviews, poster, flyers, facebook adverts...and lots more...  



Get the crease out son

Wasn’t like that when I left

Different times then


I was proud back there

Went away for my country

Tour of duty sir


Afghanistan sir

Six month’s tour...Checkpoint Hewax

We had a gym too


Me and pals shared tent

Daily chores...hang out the wash

Heads your cards



You’re someone I can’t forget
And yet it was fate the way I met you
But now I’m thinking, we should never have met
Never kissed your lips, or held you close
But I could never resist you
Now I can’t give up the ghost

I want you, I can’t put out the flame
You’re always on my mind
It’s driving me insane...




You know when the feeling’s right. There you are and you’re sitting out in the sun sipping your Martini Cocktail from the Kyma bar at the Labranda, and this lovely woman just passes by you. You look up and she gives you a smile as she passes. This is the life Kev...glad you’re not here pal!


Looks great, doesn’t she? Where is she going I wonder. Has she got a boyfriend, is she married? I’ve gotta find out. Gee, she’s only looked back at me. Well, it’s a good start. She must be staying here at the hotel.


Hold on I say. I came on holiday to Corfu to get away from women really...didn’t I? Emily has stained my belief in the opposite sex. We had something good - or so I thought - until I found out her trips to the gym were more than just for keeping fit. Together for three years, and we’d talked about tying the knot and all that. That was until I found pictures on her phone seeing her being tied up by this hunk at the gym. No wonder she came home late from her sessions. Sessions...I ask you! Not once had she ever allow me…well, I gave her up after that. I put up with a lot with that woman I can tell you. Not to worry, it's all water on the bridge…or somethin' like that. I'm always getting these sayings wrong…Kevin always gets his right!


But that’s all with the past...


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