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New Release

"No Borders to Poetry"
available from
January 26th 2022

With a selection of poems, short stories, and plays, JF's first self-published book No Border to Poetry, reveals some of his most inner literary thoughts. The book is available in both Kindle and paperback versions on Amazon from 26th January 2022.


JF Sheehan

Writer: Poetry, Short Stories, Plays

From - Long Eaton, Nottingham, England

His play 'To Yourself Be True' was first premiered for five days at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2009. His new play, 'He Can't Move', is with the Belper Players Group, Derby to be performed in the near future.

JF also hopes that his current play

'A Fruity Encounter' 

a comedy about a neighbourly dispute

on overhanging fruit trees in back garden - could be these are your kind of neighbour?

The play 'To Yourself Be True' came about from a song called  "I Love You Anyway" by The Burns Sisters - the play received good reviews

Project Reviews

Johnny is currently working on a 90 minute play called 'THE LUNA BOYS', about a troupe of buskers who performed regularly in London's Leicester Square from the 1920s to the mid 1950s, culminating in an appearance on famous US comedian, Jack Benny's TV Show in June 1956. Main character Percy Williams taught himself tap dancing, magic, and was no mean singer too. He was also a solo support act on the Max Miller Show and appeared on the same bill with Tommy Cooper at the famous Windmill Theatre in London's West End.

You'll be able to see Percy's rise all the way from London's East End, his time in the Stepney workhouse, right through to his appearance on the Jack Benny Show

The recent Post Office Scandal is a story JF is determined to write for the stage.

This scandal came about because the Post Office took on a new Samsung computer software called Horizon. Sub-postmasters had to declare weekly cash returns to this system, but Horizon kept coming back saying the returns were wrong - they weren't! The Horizon system was at fault but the company refused to acknowledge this fact. 

As a result many innocent sub-postmasters were convicted of fraud, with some losing their jobs, being imprisoned, and losing status within their communities. Not very fair, and the play 'The Post Office Scandal' will tell it all!

The pain and suffering that many sub-postmasters and their families endured is a story that must be told

Tropical Leaves
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About JF Sheehan

Johnny has been writing plays, poetry, and prose since his early teens ('where have all the years gone…') starting with his love of writing essays. Film Saturday Night and Sunday Morning was a big influence on his early writing. His play ‘Be True To Yourself’ was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the new one ‘He Can’t Move’  will be included in a production of short plays with Derbyshire Scriptwriters.

His writing is contemporary, covering many subject matters; injustices, love, beauty, eco, laughter, and memoir, breathing life into the heart of every subject.

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