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Great Play News…NOT!

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

LATEST 29/9/21: It looks like the Belper Theatre Group, Derby, are having a few issues in organising and arranging putting on their evening of short plays…the event it seems has been postponed for yet another few weeks…will it take place at all? …who's to say…will keep you informed.

Great news. My friend Terry Williams play 'Someone's At The Door' has been chosen as one of the plays the Belper Players will perform in Belper, Derby, on 29 & 30 October.

Terry (died September 2014) wrote a number of short plays during his time working and supporting his local Essex am-dram society, but never chose to present them to anyone. His son Paul rooted out the scripts and let me have a look…very dangerous thing to do… Through my good friends at Derbyshire Scriptwriters (DSW), I entered 'Someone's At….' for the Belper Players consideration, and along with three others from DSW, we're off and running at the end of October…get yer tickets now…or else...

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